War Dancer

War Dancer

You need the moves to win this war! War Dancer is a dynamic single player or cooperative VR game happening on a unique battlefield, where players defend their base by taking down enemy drones to the rhythm of some really groovy music.


  • Fully immersive with a fresh take on the Castle Defense genre
  • Professionally composed tracks covering many genres with different styles and rhythms
  • Multiple levels with varying designs, from Synthwave to Sci-fi and more
  • Dynamically changing gameplay, sound and visual based on player performance
  • Various bonuses and boosters to help you reach new heights
  • Leaderboard to compete with your friends and other players
  • Achievements to make your wins even more epic
  • Great game to play alone or in co-op at home or with your family and friends at a party


Check out this ultimate reincarnation of the Castle Defense genre in a newly packaged experience, where your whole body is in a dynamic gameplay accompanied by energetic soundtracks that will not let you stand still!  Your blasters and other weapons are your faithful dancing companions as you move, shoot, blast, smash, get combos and break all kind of records, whilst playing in various levels with a variety of musical styles, vivid special effects with lots of fun awaiting you or your battalion.