Explore an 80’s fictional Japanese city, which exhibits spatial anomalies that have let hordes of creatures and alien enemies to invade earth.


  • Immersive shooter gameplay
  • Various game styles and tactics
  • A lot of mysterious and dangerous anomalies and monsters
  • Unique alien device with unusual abilities
  • Various upgradable weapons
  • A lot of interactions with the game world
  • Stealth elements
  • Unbelievable graphics for portative VR HMD’s
  • Various atmospheric levels with unique design in the abandoned Japanese city
  • Unique intriguing story about confronting alien threat and own fear
  • Awesome mix of 80’ old school japanese design and science fiction
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Stunning voiceover of the characters


Dive into the VR world of a mysterious 1980s alternative Japanese city. Explore a city engulfed by anomalies as Ann, searching for her brother, battles alien invaders, solves puzzles, and uses unique abilities granted by an extraterrestrial device. Immerse yourself in a rich storyline and tackle challenges in various ways.