A sci-fi roomscale VR Tower Defense game. Strategize to destroy waves of rogue robots and assist the powerful turrets with a handheld drone. Build and collect resources and help evacuate your crew from the alien planet.


  • Enhanced graphics and optimization for a more immersive experience.
  • New game modes that challenge strategy and defense tactics.
  • Revamped user interface for both the menu and in-game interactions.
  • A diverse array of new enemy and ally units to engage with.
  • Upgrades to existing turrets and the introduction of new turret modifications.
  • New types and rebalancing of superweapons for strategic depth.
  • Fresh musical tracks and enhanced voice-overs to enrich the game’s atmosphere.
  • Innovative gameplay features that introduce novel ways to play.
  • Difficulty levels and a revised balance of enemies and turrets to provide a fair challenge.
  • New units, vehicles, and structures to explore and utilize.
  • First-person turret shooting, adding a direct and intense combat feel.
  • World scaling to enhance the sense of a vast, interactive battlefield.
  • Expanded options for harvesting additional resources.
  • Introduction of heroes, adding a layer of strategic character management.


IRON GUARD 2 is a sci-fi VR Tower Defense game with RTS elements. This sequel continues the saga from the first installment, telling the story of humanity’s conflict with a sentient planet that has seized control of terraforming robots.