About Us


Xlab Digital is Los Angeles based gaming company, primarily focused on VR games and experiences. IRON GUARD is our first VR title, that is currently available on various VR platforms. The team consists of industry veterans from vfx, animation and gaming industry, who have worked on various wider released PC game titles as well as Oscar winning vfx and animation films. We have a hybrid talent pool that brings years of experience and creativity, to deliver some of the most entertaining games to the VR community.


We believe for creativity to flourish it should have no boundaries. That principle is carried with our Team who are located in different time zones globally , have different cultures and beliefs but work towards common goals and ideas. We are a 24×7 development team with a passion to create the most immersive and exciting titles for our players. Join us on our Discord to say hi and meet the developers



At our core we use game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, along with other cutting edge industry standard and custom tools for 2d, 3d and sound design, to bring amazing immersive experiences to popular platforms in various genres and styles.